Professional Services Provided

Implant Dentistry:

  Dr. Damascus and his staff have been providing dental implant services for his patients for more than
22 years. Through this time we have achieved an extremely high degree of success and currently find
approximately 98% success of the implants placed at our office. There is little in medicine and dentistry
that can offer a patient such an outstanding success rate. An important reason for this achievement is
the uncompromising approach to patient care. Adequate care is given to the diagnosis and the
development of a course of treatment. Ample surgical time is always allowed as some implant treatments
need extra time once care has started. Patients often thank us post-surgically for the relaxed, gentle and
pain free service they receive. Another important factor in our success is the use of only the top name
brand dental implant systems. Many companies sell dental implants which do not have the research or
long term studies indicating long term success.  Other companies sell inexpensive implants
manufactured in China.  Many doctors use these systems due to their “low cost”, but would you want
these placed in your mouth?  Unfortunately, these generics implants generally do not provide the same
level of service to the patient as the name brand systems used in our office. There are few problems
through the years with dental implants and we often see our patients enjoying the use of their implants
10, 15 and 20 years later. The surgeon and implant system used makes a big difference in the outcome
of your treatment. Don’t leave your care to chance.

Ridge Augmentation Procedures:

  Many patients who need and desire implant dentistry unfortunately do not have adequate jaw bone for
their placement. Doctor Damascus has been helping these patients with ridge augmentation procedures.
Essentially Dr. Damascus re-grows the lost jaw bones for patients so that dental implants can be placed
successfully. This is a service our office has been providing for patients for approximately 17 years. Dr.
Damascus is a leader in this field and is asked to lecture to dental organizations and dental schools on
his innovative approaches and techniques. Other implant surgeons often refer patients to Dr. Damascus
for these procedures as many surgeons do not receive the same predictable results as our office. We
invite patients who desire dental implants and have been turned down by other surgeons because "you
do not have enough bone”. We have provided full implant reconstructions to many of these patients and
allowing them “permanent teeth” so they may discard their removable teeth and dentures. The most
important time to consider bone grafting techniques is when a failing tooth needs to be removed. When
a dental implant is to be considered for the replacement of a tooth that needs to be removed, the bone
graft material should be placed at the time of the extraction. This allows the maintenance of the jaw bone
for the future implant placement. The natural response of the jaw to an extraction is to “shrink” often
making the predictable placement of an implant difficult or impossible.

Periodontal Treatment:

  Doctor Damascus has been providing expert periodontal services for his patients for more than 25
years as a specialist. Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection of the gums which leads to the loss of
the jaw bone holding the teeth and eventual loss of teeth. This is also the primary cause of “receding
gums”. Doctor Damascus has been able to help many patients maintain poor and questionable teeth for
over 20 years and far longer than promised the patient at the initiation of care. The proper diagnosis,
expert surgical techniques and use of the outstanding bone graft materials has helped our patients
maintain their teeth. Another growing field in Periodontics is cosmetic periodontal services for severely
receded gums or thick and overgrown gums. Should you have these conditions and are unhappy with
the appearance of your smile consult our services and see how we can help you.  Dr. Damascus also
treats many periodontal conditions with the use of a dental laster.  This helps correct problems not
possible with conventional surgical techniques.  This also helps Dr. Damascus treat patients who have a
significant heart condition or are medically compromised.

Dental Hygiene:

  Following periodontal care, maintenance therapy is very important for the long term success and
survival of the teeth. The dental hygienist for the practice, Stacey Croce has been employed for more
than 20 years and is an expert in the field. She has developed thousands of professional relationships
with patients with her thorough and caring approach to patient care. She is an important part in
maintaining patients teeth following periodontal treatment. Periodontal patients are recommended to
have four maintenance visits a years seeing both our office and their general dentist office. This
approach has been confirmed in the dental literature for more than 25 years and is why so many
patients expectations are exceeded and are able to "keep their teeth."  Stacey has been instrumental in
this avenue of care.